AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

About AnAn

The AnAn International Education Foundation of Hong Kong was founded in 2006 by Mr. You Zhong and Mr. Kenneth Yu. At the outset, the main focus was on the autism education work in Mainland China. With the continuous expansion of our enterprise, Hong Kong AnAn was formally registered in 15 July 2011 as a HK Government approved charitable organization (Company registration no.: 1634206,  IR file no.: 91/11513).

The purpose of setting up Hong Kong AnAn is to serve the autistic kids and their families in rehabilitation education, medical research, tools development, community advocacy work related to exchange of information in Mainland China and abroad. We now have three rehabilitation centers in Jinan (Shandong Province), Fuzhou (Fujian Province) and Guangzhou (Guangdong Province) in China, and Innate Healing Music Therapy & Counselling, a first music therapy centre operated by a government registered charity organization in Hong Kong.

It aims to focus specifically on kids with autism and related learning problems and their families and to provide training and guidance, to help the autistic children so as to let them gain access to education on an individual basis. To provide support to parents so that they know more about autism and grasp the knowledge and technique for encouraging their kids to develop in the right direction. To encourage the community to understand, appreciate and accept autistic children, respect their rights for living and development and to contribute to their acceptance in society at large after they have grown up.