AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

Mission and Vision

  • To build a bridge for autism persons to link with the community, to enable them to have equal development opportunities and enjoy normal lives;
  • To re-orientate the parents’ valuation of their autism kids so as to increase the capacity of the parents in taking care of the autism kids;
  • To endeavor to provide professional rehabilitation education services, with the societal education of the autism kids as the focus and help them realize full potential;
  • To propagate the belief in love, respect and equal opportunity, to raise the attention of the community about autism; promote understanding and acceptance of autism people by the community;
  • To appeal to government to pronounce specific laws and regulations so as to speed up the progress in the welfare and rights issues of autism persons in health care, education, vocational training, employment;
  • To show the demonstration effect, to promote the healthy development of the industry using a modern humanistic approach and excellent rehabilitation education system in China.