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Autistic Talent Gala 2016

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Result Announcement of “Autistic Talent Gala 2016” Final

The “Autistic Talent Gala 2016”, organized by AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong, has come to a fruitful end. It was held on 26th November 2016 in Grand Theatre in Heung Yee Kuk Building. There were 15 teams of contestants from different regions. Their excellent performances were so much praised by the audience. They also demonstrated their passion towards music and life.

【Autistic Talent Gala 2016】The Finalists

The judging to decide the finalists for the【Autistic Talent Gala 2016】was held on Saturday 10th September, in Hong Kong. Thanks to the participation of some thirty representatives from a cross section of the community. The final results have now come out after a lengthy six-hour adjudication session. The judging focused on rhythm, technique, overall treatment and performance difficulty level. Fifteen groups and individuals were selected as finalists, to join the【Autistic Talent Gale 2016】to be held on 26 November in Hong Kong.

Competition Information

A lot of the autistic persons have exceptional aptitudes in arts and music. As there are limited public occasions for the autistic to show their talents, autism is not widely understood and accepted by society. To offer a platform for the autistic to reveal their talents in public and build up their self-confidence, our foundation has started to organize the first-ever music contest for the autistic in Asia since 2014. Last year, 77 teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines joined the competition and the contest has further evolved as a platform for international communication and exchange platform.

Considered the active participation and positive response over the years, we will continue to organize the 3rd contest, “Autistic Talent Gala 2016”, aiming to promote social equality, integration, public understanding, and respect.

This contest is now open for entry and the deadline of application will be July 31, 2016. The selected participants will be invited to join the final competition to be held in Hong Kong on November 26, 2016.

We sincerely invite your participation. Please feel free to contact us at phone: (852) 2596 0777 or email: [email protected] for any enquiries. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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