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【Autistic Talent Gala 6】The Finalists

The judging panel for the ATG 6 convened on 12 January, 2019 and the lists of finalists are as follow:

Individual (in alphabetical order) :
(026) Ahmed Nahyan Faisal (Maldives)
(048) Karyn Soong Zhi Yi (Malaysia)
(015) Linus Jung Yong Ho-Stuart (Hong Kong)
(012) Lu Tian Wei (Singapore)
(038) Makiko Taguchi (Japan)
(044) Nattan Thammakijvibul (Thailand)
(041) S. Sudarshan (India)
(033) Shunya Kawazu (Japan)
(043) Willy Lai (Taiwan)

Group (in alphabetical order) :
(013) Beautiful Mind Cultural and Sport Troupe (Bangladesh)
(047) Blue Chorus (Indonesia)
(014) C.C.C. Kei Shun Drum Team (基順鼓隊) (Hong Kong)
(025) Duet Piano Cello (Indonesia)
(031) Karishma Cultural Group (Bangladesh)
(006) Singing with Djembe (非洲鼓表演唱) (Mainland China)

Many kids joining our competition possess musical talents and potential. To encourage them, we have selected two to attend our Gala as guest performers and showcase their talents.

「Talent Kids」:
(008) 黎紫瓏 (Hong Kong)
(036) 張捷 (Macau)

Award for Excellence Video:
To encourage participants to make their own videos for the event, a special award for excellence video will be presented.

Winner: (031) Karishma Cultural Group (Bangladesh)

Autistic Talent Gala 6 online voting has officially begun!

Here comes your desperately waited voting time! All awesome videos are already uploaded on the website till 23:59 January 5, 2019 (HK time), so click your mouse and vote your favorite team now!

To vote for your favorite teams, just click the “Like” button and then the “Vote” button below the videos. You can also check the total numbers of votes of the video by clicking the “View Results” button.

Click any link below to vote now!

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About AnAn

Our Foundation was established in 2006 by Mr You Zhong and Mr Kenneth Yu, and was registered as a charitable institution in 2011 (Company registration no.: 1634206, IR file no.: 91/11513). Our Foundation joined The Hong Kong Council for Social Service as member in 2014 as well.


Blue Spot Fund

“Blue Spot Fund” was set up in 2012, which subsidizes the needy autistic children in China so that they can receive proper training and education in the rehabilitation centers with good or standard quality.



AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong sets up its own education service centres in both Jinan and Fuzhou city in China, including Jinan AnAn Rehabilitation Center for Autistic children and Fuzhou AnAn Rehabilitation Center for Autistic Children.



Our Foundation has two rehabilitation centers in Jinan and Fuzhou cities in China, providing services to around 400 children per year.  Our centers specifically provide personalized education to autistic children and children with intellectual disabilities in their infancy, and equip their parents with the knowledge and skills in daily life which can help to improve the development of the children.

To upgrade the professional knowledge and service quality of our instructors, our Foundation provides regular training to the instructors.  Moreover, we at times arrange suitable instructors to attend particular courses in autism in Hong Kong. We urge our instructors to pursue new knowledge and skills in order that they can provide more effective rehabilitation training and assistance to the autistic children and their families.  Through continual staff training, our Foundation betters our services constantly.

“Blue Spot Fund” was set up in 2012, which subsidizes the needy autistic children in China so that they can receive proper training and education in the rehabilitation centers with good or standard quality

 With the expertise of our professional staff and our profound experience in rehabilitation and training services, we publish books about autism and guidebooks on training.  We are willing to share our experience with other companions in this profession

To assist the autistic children to overcome their problems in learning, we worked with the experts in autism and introduced the robot first used in the world for teaching autistic children


Parents’ sharing

  • 我的孩子除了學會叫媽以外,很主動,非常主動,叫媽抱我,親親我,還會說我很想你,心裏的說話都會表逹了。
  • 我的孩子越來越進步,主動也多了,話也多了! 十分多謝老師教我如何在家教導他,幫助他成長!