AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

Talent Gala for the Autistic 2014

The Finals of the Talent Gala for the Autistic 2014 held for the first time by AnAn with participation of autism persons from Asia was successfully completed on 13 December 2014 at the Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts in Hong Kong. In that evening, 13 teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Shanghai, Guizhou, Fujian, Hong Kong and Macau gave impressive performances to a full audience. The performances featured dancing, singing, harmonica, wood piano, piano solo, Taiko, lion dance and band play. The over 400 audience were deeply moved with extravagant praises and thunderous applause.

The 5 member Taiko team from Taiwan produced a synchronized and rhythmatic beat with their drums captivating the audience and won them three grand prizes. Clarence Kang from Malaysia played own authored piece with an astounding quality. Lo Man from Singapore not only gave a fine piano performance but also showed an excellent expression of the spirit of the Chinese Lover’s Concerto with her dance routine. Last but not the least, the Life Band of Macau performed the song “Strong” bringing the event to a climax.

The concert witnessed the unique talents of the autistic persons in full display and fulfilled the objectives of the event which are as follows.

  • Harmonious Involvement and Equal Participation
  • Show of Talent and Strengthening in Self-Confidence
  • Loving Care, be Inclusive and Creating Tomorrow Together

The full results of the Finals after adjudication by the Judging Panel are as follows.

Grand Prize in Best Movement & Beat
Taiko Group of Taiwan

Grand Prize in Best Visual Impact
Lo Man of Singapore

Grand Prize in Best Enchanted Feeling Expression
Clarence Kang of Malaysia

Grand Prize in Best Voice Effect
Zhou Bo Ham of Shanghai

Grand Prize in Best Synchronization
Life Band of Macau

Grand Prize for Most Popular in Internet Voting
Taiko Group of Taiwan

Grand Prize in Most Popular Onstage Performance
Taiko Group of Taiwan