AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

【Autistic Talent Gala 2017】The Finalists

The judging to decide the finalists for the【Autistic Talent Gala 2017】was held on Saturday 16th September, in Hong Kong. Thanks to the participation of some twenty representatives from a cross section of the community. The final results have now come out after a lengthy six-hour adjudication session. The judging focused on rhythm, technique, overall treatment and performance difficulty level. Seventeen groups and individuals were selected as finalists, to join the【Autistic Talent Gala 2017】to be held on 18 December in Hong Kong.

We have also chosen three talent kids. They will be invited to attend and perform in a special segment to show our encouragement. We have also confirmed the winners of the online voting segment.

Congratulations to the seventeen finalists and the specially invited young performers. We look forward to an evening of wonderful and entertaining performance by them and wish all of them all the best!

We will contact all the selected performers individually and assist them with regard to logistics for travelling to Hong Kong, etc.