AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

Work Outline for the year 2012/2013

Work have already started and will be carried out in the year 2012/2013 including:

  1. In May 2012, before “the Twenty-second National Help Disabled Day”, the Foundation invited the Shandong Madesen Culture and Media Limited to donate 1200 copies of the latest edition of encyclopedia to autistic children, parents and special education teachers.
  2. In 2012, before “the June First International Children’s Day”, AnAn Jinan organized a series of “Celebrating the First of June Variety Show” activities.
  3. Deliver public lectures once or twice monthly. Contents include the latest knowledge of rehabilitation and education, early diagnosis of autistic children, the promotion of provincial federations’ policies and regulations,and psychological counseling for parents, etc. All lectures are open to public and free of charge.

In addition, works of AnAn Hong Kong in this year and in the future include:

  1. To continue cooperation with Heep Hong Society of Hong Kong to train teachers and staff in the Mainland China.
  2. Plan to cooperate with the Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong to promote and found sheltered workshops specially for adults with autism and people with disabilities.
  3. During the year, the Foundation was pleased to appoint Alex So & Co to act as AnAn Hong Kong’s honorary auditor and completed the audit work. We hereby express our gratitude.
  4. Provide support to autism families with financial difficulties by initiating the “Blue Dot Fund” action.
  5. Plan to publish books related to autism families and professional education, and develop related software.
  6. Deliver free public lectures regularly in organizations in China, aiming at raising the level of autism education.
  7. Promote awareness of autism in Hong Kong and the mainland China, and communication between them.
  8. AnAn Hong Kong will continue to promote the autism industry and hold various activities through each of its autism rehabilitation centres in Jinan, Taizhou and Fuzhou. In order to implement the above activities, AnAn Hong Kong is planning the following fund-raising programme in 2012-13:
  9. Participate in a series of art piece and heritage auctions held in Hong Kong or the mainland China starting from December 2012; encourage Chinese painters and calligraphers such as Mr Ma Jun, Mr Zhang Zong-biao and others to donate art pieces for auctions or for sale. Identify and encourage related parties to donate heritage or art pieces for auction will be AnAn’s future direction for fundraising
  10. Look for donors and sponsors for specific projects such as the “Blue Dot Fund”. The activity will be initiated in January 2013.
  11. Encourage individuals who support AnAn Hong Kong’s purpose and objectives to donate. The founders and volunteers pay for their own activity and service fees (including the provision of the Hong Kong office and related administrative costs). This is also one of our major features ie prior to our formal foundation and in the foreseeable future all the costs can be minimized whilst at the same time the quality of our activities would not be adversely affected.