AnAn International Education Foundation Hong Kong (Charity) Limited

Work Report for the year 2011/2012

AnAn Hong Kong’s major operating flagship is Jinan AnAn Special Children Rehabilitation Centre (hereinafter referred to as “AnAn Jinan”). Activites in the year 2011/2012 include:

  1. On 2 Apr 2011, AnAn Hong Kong and AnAn Jinan held “the 4th World Autism Day” campaign. The event has been strongly supported by the Welfare Fund for Disabled of Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial Department of Education, and other units and volunteers. The event was covered by the Qilu Evening News, Life Daily Times Jinan and Shandong TV.
  2.  On 12 May 2011, the Help Disabled Day, the relevant unit — Jinan AnAn Austitic Children Rehabilitation Centre – was invited to organize “the Twenty-first National Help Disabled Day when the “Improve the Disables’ Livelihoods; Protect the Disables’ Rights” theme celebration event was held .
  3.  In June 2011, AnAn Hong Kong and AnAn Jinan Autistic Education Fund launched a fundraising campaign “to raise surgical fees for an unfortunately burned autistic girl” on Sina Weibo. A total of more than RMB17,000 was raised, guaranteeing the timely treatment and success of the wind pipe construction surgery for the kid.
  4.  Two autism rehabilitation centres were established in Taizhou city of Zhejiang in June, and Fuzhou city of Fujian in August 2011 respectively. They are managed directly by staff appointed by AnAn Hong Kong with the teaching and management implemented fully in accordance with ISO9000. Since their establishment, the two centres have operated smoothly.
  5.  In Nov 2011, during “the Twentieth International Help Disabled Day”, the activity “Texas porcelain doll” was launched on Sina Weibo to support Zhang Zan-min and his brother, to provide warmth in the winter. The event attracted over one thousand clicks on the web and was forwarded through the net all over China and it managed raise almost ten thousand in RMB
  6.  In December 2011, the Foundation organized and sponsored an AnAn Fuzhou delegation tour for academic professionals in Hong Kong.
  7. On 28 March 2012, after many months of hard work and careful preparation, as well as coordination with various parties, “the Second National Joint Meeting for representatives of autism associations” was held in Jinan. The meeting was organized by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shandong Provincial Federation of the Disabled and jointly organized by Shandong Provincial Association of Mental Disabled and Relatives,AnAn Hong Kong and AnAn Jinan. The managing director of AnAn Hong Kong Kenneth Yu was invited to make a keynote speech during the meeting on “NGOs’ Financial and Fund-raising Skills”.
  8.  During the year AnAn Hong Kong, AnAn Jinan and various subsidiaries provided counseling services to more than 400 autistic families, and provided rehabilitation training to more than 300 children from these families. The Foundation does enjoy very high prestige and influence in China’s private autism
    centre industry.
  9.  During the year AnAn Hong Kong cooperated with the Heep Hong Society of Hong Kong to provide several sessions of professional training to the teachers and staff of AnAn’s centres in China, in order to improve the teaching and professional management standards of AnAn’s centres in China.